Inspirational Speaker Judy

I am a young senior citizen who reinvented herself after retiring.  I worked as a medical secretary for 10 years, stay at home mom for 8 years and 22 years for the Federal Bureau of Prisons; a total of 40 years while caring and advocating for my son who had spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.  He was placed in a home for physically challenged children when he was 8 years old.  The remaining 22 years I worked full time and continued to advocate for his needs until his death on December 22, 2006.  You will find a memoir I wrote and published about my son, Our Special Child-Jason’s Story on my Books page.

Upon retirement, I found I was lost mentally.  I learned through therapy I did not express my inner feelings all the years caring for my son.  I developed delayed post-traumatic stress and the symptoms created an anxiety disorder.

I find my life is still challenging and I found my passion for creating to help me cope.  This is when I opened my business ScrapperJude Designs.  I sell my art at local craft shows and on the internet.


I joined a local women’s business group, Women’s Business Forum, and found networking was key for success.  I met very successful women who helped me create my mission, “Use art to heal your heart”.

Future plans are sharing my story at public speaking opportunities, teach art as a healing formula in public workshops, home workshops, and video tutorials.

I will seek additional skills in order for me to use them in my workshops and speaking engagements to build my knowledge to share ways to use a form of art in healing one’s mind and soul.

I have an active blog, Jude’s Inspirational Wisdom, where I share my wisdom to inspire, heal lost souls and other stories from my life.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you like what you see and feel free to return again.