Celebrating one year of my Website

I received a call from my web page developer to give me an update of my standing in the virtual world.  It is a reminder last April was my launch date.  So much happened since that launch date, which explains why I have been quiet here on my blog.  I received my certification as a Zentangle teacher last April and started the process of getting certified as an art practitioner.  I completed the training but needed to obtain insurance and a business license.  I am proud to announce my official business is now Scrapper Jude Designs, LLC.

I sent my instructor my completed application today and hope I will soon announce my new certification as an art practitioner.

The main point I want to emphasize in this post is I need to give a shout out to Mainstreet Host, my website developer, for their professionalism and good customer service.  A special thank you to  Mia-Ayers Goss who believes in my passion and with her undying support, helped me negotiate a new maintenance agreement with optimization that I can work with.  It is extremely difficult to open a new business and purchase much needed training without companies like Mainstreet Host who understands the challenges a new business owner is up against. I highly recommend Mainstreet Host.

Enjoy your week and you will hear from me more often, I promise.




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