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How to find your silent dreams to help create your inner passions

I know it has been a long time since my last post and for that I am sorry.  Maybe you are a follower who prefers less posts, but more quality posts.  I can do that too.  I hope you find this one a good quality post.

Catchy title?  It was meant to be.  I have something to share I just learned about myself.  I believe it is profound and I hope it relates to some of you.  

Let me remind you all I devoted 28 years to caring and advocating for my boys, especially Jason who was inflicted with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.  I gave birth to my boys in 1979, eight years into my marriage.  I just turned 21 when I got married.  Yes- way too young in today’s standards.  I didn’t know who I was as a woman before becoming a wife.  That was a lot to ask of me now that I can see it in hindsight.  

When my boys were born prematurely, unfortunately I was not emotionally ready; but my deep yearning to be the best mother for my boys took me out of my comfort zone into the woman I am today.  

With that being said, it leads me to my point of this post.  Because I never gave myself a chance as a young woman to learn what my passions were, my years of emotional growth helped lead me to my passion.  This is why I named this  post, “When a Dream is Silent.”

My silent dream is now becoming un-silent.  I found my passions in life that were hidden for many years.  The challenges of one’s life can change your inner soul in ways that will open doors for you no matter your age.

I will be 67 next month and I am just beginning to live my silent dream.  I have one book publishedand working on my second book (more about that later).  I just received my certification as a Zentangle trainer and will begin my second certification as a therapeutic art specialist in August.  I am creating Zentangle inspired art and will soon be posting them here and my Etsy shop.  My new dream is to inspire others to follow my trail through public speaking, telling my story how I found my silent dream.

Life is good for this young senior citizen.  I hope to inspire you and help you find your silent dream.


Virtual hugs friends,



Zentangle inspired art




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