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Just a short post today. I woke up with the news stating our new president is Donald Trump. I am shocked. I am scared of the uncertainty of our future. How will this effect the lives of the disadvantage, disabled and the middle class?

We will have to wait and hope for the best. We have to try and keep an open mind. Please do not let your anger escalate where it gets out of control.

Let’s try and find peace with this in some way. We have to find a way to accept the uncertainty.




I am disabled. People stare at me. Why is this so.? I am gay. I am different. People hate me, Why? Because I choose my own sexual orientation? I am Jewish. This is the religion I am. Why do people hate me because of my chosen belief? I am an African American. People hate me.… Continue Reading


Fear is an obstacle that stands in the way of progress. In overcoming our fears we can move forward, stronger and wiser within ourselves. Can you relate to the above quote? Do you live with fear that cripples your potential for success? Are your fears keeping you from reaching your dreams and goals? If you… Continue Reading

Requesting Prayers

Last  Wednesday my cousin was in a severe car crash.  He underwent a nine hour surgery to correct damage to his facial muscles.  He is breathing via a ventilator through a tracheotomy.  Currently is spiking a fever due to an infection from aspirating pneumonia. No one should have to ordeal such tragedy.  His parents are… Continue Reading

Approaching the Golden Years

If you have been following my blog for a while you probably know I am approaching my golden years. This is a polite way of announcing I will be signing up for medicare in August. The plus side of this transition into the golden years is my medical insurance will now cover almost all of… Continue Reading

Happy New Year

I would like to wish all my WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn friends and family a very happy 2015. Twenty fourteen was a very busy year finalizing my book, building my art business, making new friends and reacquainting with old friends. It was an exciting year. I watched my grandchildren prosper and enjoyed my time… Continue Reading

Our Special Child – 9/8/79 – 12/22/06

Angel by Sarah McLachlan A child should never die before their parent. The parent should have the ultimate reward of witnessing their child’s growth to adulthood, marry the love of their life and give the gift of grandchildren. When I gave birth to my twin boys, this was my dream and I never believed it… Continue Reading

Memories of my Life with Jason

I use to love this time of year, preparing Thanksgiving dinner, planning and making lists for gifts for Hanukkah and Christmas, and our Hanukkah Party and New Years Eve celebrations. The malls all decorated with their lights and Christmas trees with Santa awaiting the next young child to sit on his lap. Years ago I… Continue Reading