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When John Lennon wrote these beautifully potent words for this classic song, little did he know the affect they would have in today’s world. This version of John’s song by Pentatonic’s, touched me emotionally and reminded me of what I long for. Each day we are subjected to our president’s misguided, outrageous twitter feeds. This… Continue Reading


I am thankful for friends like Garth Wheeler who has the talent to express his feelings with the most amazing gift of words. His poem is something that needs to be shared to remind us all intellectually mentally and physically challenged individuals need to be respected and not mimicked. Hugs and have a wonderful Thanksgiving… Continue Reading


I would like to use my voice here on my blog as an open letter to the writers, directors and actors of the new sitcom on ABC, #Speechless. TO THE POWERS TO BE AT #ABC NETWORK, I was looking forward to watching your new sitcom #”Speechless” last week. You can only imagine how thrilled I… Continue Reading


I am disabled. People stare at me. Why is this so.? I am gay. I am different. People hate me, Why? Because I choose my own sexual orientation? I am Jewish. This is the religion I am. Why do people hate me because of my chosen belief? I am an African American. People hate me.… Continue Reading