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I am obsessed with the new television show on ABC, The Good Doctor.  Yes I am sensitive to a show like this because I had a son with disabilities.  For the first time, ABC had the gumption  and initiative to actually portray an autistic man as the main character and as a doctor as well!!!

The writers are not only creating a character with autism to teach the world that people with disabilities have abilities, but they are showing how he can make a difference with his medical team.

Look at the trailer below and you will see for yourself.  If this show will change just one person’s opinion of discrimination, one step at a time, we can change the world as well.





This is in Washington, D.C. This proves when you ask women to plan a march THEY PLAN A MARCH ALL OVER THE COUNTRY AND WORLD. WOMEN POWER! I AM A WOMAN There is nothing more to add. These two videos say it all. Hugs Jude Continue Reading


I am thankful for friends like Garth Wheeler who has the talent to express his feelings with the most amazing gift of words. His poem is something that needs to be shared to remind us all intellectually mentally and physically challenged individuals need to be respected and not mimicked. Hugs and have a wonderful Thanksgiving… Continue Reading


How completely blessed I am to have found someone who has the ability to help me find my way back after many years of uncertainty. It was during our session yesterday when she helped me acknowledge, since 2006, after my son passed away, the deep anger I have so expertly hidden from the world and… Continue Reading


Before one can gain and extend respect, you need to first love and respect yourself. Look into the mirror and honor the person looking back at you. Forgive yourself for past aggressions and wrongful acts. Allow yourself to leave the past behind and start 2016 fresh with a clear head and a new perspective of… Continue Reading

A Day at the Park

What a beautiful day to go for a ride.  The window is open just a bit for me to feel the warm sunshine on my face and the window is adjusted just right enough to control the wind from hitting me directly.  I am excited to know where we are going.  Normally I don’t care… Continue Reading

Part 2 – Abanded Cerebral Palsy Victim

You, my friends, know how passionate I am about someone who is physically or mentally challenged.  I wrote a post previously about a young man abandoned in a wooded area in Philadelphia by his mother.  This young man has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, non communicative and non mobile confined to a wheelchair. I read several different… Continue Reading

Cerebral Palsy Victim Abandoned

Last week our local ABC Station in Philadelphia reported a young man was found in the woods in a park located in West Philadelphia.  He was missing for five days.  He was described to be a victim of quadriplegic cerebral palsy.  He apparently was left by his mother, covered with a blanket and a bible.… Continue Reading

My Book is Available I am extremely proud to present my book, Our Special Child:Jason’s Story. You can purchase it directly from the publisher’s site listed above in both book form or e-book. On March 17, 2015 the book will launch on Amazon where it will also be available as an e-book and book form. The back of… Continue Reading