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I am obsessed with the new television show on ABC, The Good Doctor.  Yes I am sensitive to a show like this because I had a son with disabilities.  For the first time, ABC had the gumption  and initiative to actually portray an autistic man as the main character and as a doctor as well!!!

The writers are not only creating a character with autism to teach the world that people with disabilities have abilities, but they are showing how he can make a difference with his medical team.

Look at the trailer below and you will see for yourself.  If this show will change just one person’s opinion of discrimination, one step at a time, we can change the world as well.





Let me begin, my friends, by extending my sincere apology for my recent posts regarding the craziness of this political season. You all know I dedicate my blog to supporting human rights for all people regardless of their ethnicity, religion, disability and sexual orientation. We are all human beings first. I share my inspiration to… Continue Reading


I would like to use my voice here on my blog as an open letter to the writers, directors and actors of the new sitcom on ABC, #Speechless. TO THE POWERS TO BE AT #ABC NETWORK, I was looking forward to watching your new sitcom #”Speechless” last week. You can only imagine how thrilled I… Continue Reading


I am disabled. People stare at me. Why is this so.? I am gay. I am different. People hate me, Why? Because I choose my own sexual orientation? I am Jewish. This is the religion I am. Why do people hate me because of my chosen belief? I am an African American. People hate me.… Continue Reading


One of the major problems we have in our world today is the way we communicate. We either communicate too much or inaccurately; directly related to television, radio, internet, newspapers and magazines. The media exaggerates a story or misinterprets a situation creating a rise in misunderstood panic amongst groups of people the story is related… Continue Reading


Fear is an obstacle that stands in the way of progress. In overcoming our fears we can move forward, stronger and wiser within ourselves. Can you relate to the above quote? Do you live with fear that cripples your potential for success? Are your fears keeping you from reaching your dreams and goals? If you… Continue Reading


Before one can gain and extend respect, you need to first love and respect yourself. Look into the mirror and honor the person looking back at you. Forgive yourself for past aggressions and wrongful acts. Allow yourself to leave the past behind and start 2016 fresh with a clear head and a new perspective of… Continue Reading

A revelation

You  may have noticed changes in my blog both physical and content.  For example, I changed the name of my blog to Jude’s Inspirational Wisdom.  I believe it reflects the metamorphosis of my life since I retired five years ago. For the past five years I truly believe I was in the process of finding… Continue Reading

"Here's what I wish you would do." Thirty years ago I wish I had access to electronics like the internet so I could express my feelings like the mother did in this story in the above link. Many times our family would go to the mall with Jason because Jason loved to be there.  He loved the colors of the store… Continue Reading