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An Amazing Father, Husband, and Heartfelt Singer

The video below reinforces why I continue to watch reality shows.  I mostly watch talent shows.  Watch the video below.  This man sang from his heart.  He sang for the love of his family.  He deserved the golden buzzer and kudos to Simon Cowell acknowledging not only his incredible talent but the beautiful soul he represents as a husband and father. #AGT#SimonCowell#disabilityawareness#specialneeds

Memorial Day – My Thoughts

This weekend we are honoring the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while fighting to save our freedom.  May they all Rest In Peace. If only the words of John Lennon’s song, “Imagine” came to fruition and we had world peace, no wars, no falling soldiers to memorialize this weekend. Of only….. Continue Reading


I am obsessed with the new television show on ABC, The Good Doctor.  Yes I am sensitive to a show like this because I had a son with disabilities.  For the first time, ABC had the gumption  and initiative to actually portray an autistic man as the main character and as a doctor as well!!!… Continue Reading


This is in Washington, D.C. This proves when you ask women to plan a march THEY PLAN A MARCH ALL OVER THE COUNTRY AND WORLD. WOMEN POWER! I AM A WOMAN There is nothing more to add. These two videos say it all. Hugs Jude Continue Reading