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Find Your Tribe for Support and Friendship

The past two years my life has been very hectic.  I occasionally had negative thoughts thinking about how crazy I must be.  Maybe when I retired in 2010, I should have “really retired.”  No worries, these thoughts only last about a minute and I get back on the everlasting treadmill pushing forward.

I am pushing forward because I have a real tribe who I believe has my back if I need help.  New business owners need a tribe for guidance, support, and the occasional “you go girl” attitude.  It lifts me up and helps me go forward tackling the next hurdle or problem that appears to occur on a daily basis.

In January I attended a business retreat in Florida with The Success Connection, our fearless leader is Jamie Broderick.  Jamie is our fearless leader because she creates the opportunity to meet amazing women.  At the  retreat I opened up my soul allowing my demons to escape.  The attendees listened and gently supported me giving me strength to continue to maintain the mentality to achieve my goals for the year.

They are now my tribe.  Jamie runs two retreats a year and she finds the best presenters who share powerful tools that we all need to succeed. This September the “Soar to New Heights” retreat in New York will test my mental and physical strength competing to finish a rope course.  In my opinion, if I make it through this physical challenge, I will tackle any bumps in the road to allow me to reach my goal as a successful business entrepreneur.

Jamie recently lowered her yearly membership. As she stated in her recent post, she revels in helping people succeed and if she can help anyone to reach their goals, then she exceeded her business mission.  You have to check out her website and consider becoming a member and sign up for her retreats.  You will not be sorry.

In summary, finding your tribe in what ever mission you venture, is a powerful support system for going forward.  Don’t take my word for it – check it out.