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When John Lennon wrote these beautifully potent words for this classic song, little did he know the affect they would have in today’s world. This version of John’s song by Pentatonic’s, touched me emotionally and reminded me of what I long for. Each day we are subjected to our president’s misguided, outrageous twitter feeds. This… Continue Reading


Just a short post today. I woke up with the news stating our new president is Donald Trump. I am shocked. I am scared of the uncertainty of our future. How will this effect the lives of the disadvantage, disabled and the middle class? We will have to wait and hope for the best. We… Continue Reading

Independence Day – Discrimination??

Who are we who live in a land of freedom? We are all human beings on the outside and in our souls. We all wish for peace and freedom no matter of our heritage or the color of our skin, sexual orientation and religious folds. Some of our ancestors fled from their home because of… Continue Reading


I am disabled. People stare at me. Why is this so.? I am gay. I am different. People hate me, Why? Because I choose my own sexual orientation? I am Jewish. This is the religion I am. Why do people hate me because of my chosen belief? I am an African American. People hate me.… Continue Reading

Ten Years Later

I just finished watching Sunday Morning on CBS. A majority of today’s show was dedicated to the remembrance of the devastation of Katrina that hit New Orleans hard ten years ago yesterday. Millions of dollars were raised and used to rebuild the infrastructure of the city, rebuilding the stadium, high rise office buildings, a beautiful… Continue Reading

A revelation

You  may have noticed changes in my blog both physical and content.  For example, I changed the name of my blog to Jude’s Inspirational Wisdom.  I believe it reflects the metamorphosis of my life since I retired five years ago. For the past five years I truly believe I was in the process of finding… Continue Reading

Diversity in My Words

According to, diversity is defined as difference of opinion, individuals representing more than one national origin, color, religion, socioeconomic stratum, sexual orientation and diversity of the workplace.  The key phrase in the definition is a point of difference. POINT OF DIFFERENCE As human beings we all represent ourselves in different manifestations.  We look different… Continue Reading