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Trailer for Our Special Child:  Jason's Story

My book is available from the publisher’s website and can be purchased directly from them in soft back and e-book.  

Pre-orders are now being accepted on Amazon.  Kindle books are not available at this time.

To my dear friends,

This book was written with love for my son Jason.  Because he was tucked away in his confined world for many years. I had a strong need to share his story.  I opened my heart and soul so my son’s story will give support and guidance to young parents who are finding themselves in the emotional roller coaster I so carefully expressed in this book.  They need to learn how to advocate for their child.  My experiences I expressed in this book should give them some support and comfort to get the care they need.

I ask you kindly to share this post so the word can be spread to reach these parents.

Thank you and God bless,

Virtual hugs


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