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A Smile That Can Light Up A Room

“Smile” Natalie Cole A smile is the first cognitive skill Jason mastered as a baby. He quickly understood if he smiled at somebody he would receive a smile back. Therefore, Jason always smiled. Unfortunately, it is my opinion, he began to depend on his smile all the time, even when he didn’t need it. I… Continue Reading

Memories of my Life with Jason

I use to love this time of year, preparing Thanksgiving dinner, planning and making lists for gifts for Hanukkah and Christmas, and our Hanukkah Party and New Years Eve celebrations. The malls all decorated with their lights and Christmas trees with Santa awaiting the next young child to sit on his lap. Years ago I… Continue Reading


For most people this time of the year is full of happiness with both Thanksgiving and the Christmas and Hanukkah holiday season upon us. We gather with our family, exchange gifts, share in delicious traditional feasts and celebrate life and the beginning of hope for the upcoming new year. There are other people who have… Continue Reading

A Mother Knows What Her Child Does Not Say

Danny’s Song by Anne Murray A Mother does know what her child does not say, it is called mother’s instinct. I had a very strong mother’s instinct. I knew when my son Michael was sick, depressed, upset or tired. I looked into his eyes and they told me everything I needed to know. He is… Continue Reading

Take Care Of Your Soul

This painting is dedicated to all women who work a thirty-five hour day or more. This includes one who works a full time job and comes home to work another full time job as a wife and mother. Right… I am referring to you dear woman. I was this woman at one time. The painting… Continue Reading

A New Painting

This young woman appears to be looking over to her left contemplating the real meaning of the quote. She is wondering if God really makes us strong enough to help the weak, rich to serve the poor, happy to cheer the sad and good to get us through the bad. Can God do all that… Continue Reading

September 5, 1971…

Forty-three years ago on this date I married my husband. As we were standing in front of our Rabbi and he was speaking the traditional words “for better or worse till death do you part”, little did we know how true those words would be in our life together. I was only 21 and my… Continue Reading

What really pisses me off big time

It is time for me to vent. I had an experience this weekend that brought back memories I would rather forget. They are memories of a person in my life who did not want to meet my son, was afraid of him and simply thought she would catch what he had as if it was… Continue Reading

Teaching Disability Ethics

It has recently come to my attention I need to promote disability ethics training in this blog. The other day I read a Facebook post from a mother of a cerebral palsy child who experienced an act of appalling behavior at a public park that left her devastated. She was at the park with her… Continue Reading

Sacred Eye from Life Book 2014 Class

Do you like my sacred eye? This is another lesson from Life Book 2014. I had the quote sitting on my desk waiting for me to catch up with the lessons to create this. Interestingly I never cried throughout the challenging years with my son. I easily will cry with a sad movie, a sad… Continue Reading