Certified Zentangle Teacher & Zentangle Art Workshops in Warrington, PA




I became a certified Zentangle Teacher in April, 2017.  What an inspiring and amazing four days it was.  I met so many new friends from all over the world.  There were 18 countries represented.

Zentangle art is an art form using a combination of strings and tangles and was created by a husband and wife in Massachusetts.  Maria Thomas, a calligrapher, was working on a project  that required additional designs.  She was working intensely for hours when her husband, Rick Roberts, walked in and saw what she was doing.  She was in her own zone creating designs, and the world around her was completely blocked out.  This inspired both Maria and Rick to combine their talents and creativity and worked out the details to launch their business to what is now Zentangle Art. They believed they found something special and together it grew through the years both nationally and internationally.  They offer certification opportunities to teach their Zentangle method and I am a newly trained Zentangle teacher. (CZT.)\

I hope you will be as fascinated as I was. It is my desire to teach this in workshops for people who need some kind of healing.  I am passionate about helping people heal their heart with art.  I am also passionate to teach this art to anyone who wants to learn.

Do you want to host a workshop?  All you need to do is invite a few of your friends and I will bring all the supplies you will need to begin your Zentangle experience.  Contact me if you are interested by scheduling a phone call here https://www.scrapperjudedesigns.com/schedule/