My grandfather fled Russia in 1905 to the shores of America to make a better life for my grandmother and uncle.  He arrived at a port in Philadelphia, passed through immigration and was welcome to stay.  He found his way to Utica, New York where his brother lived and found a job and home.  He then arranged for my grandmother and uncle to travel to America alone.

They made a new home and had five more children.  My oldest uncle received a law degree and was a district attorney in Gloversville, NY.  

My grandparents were very poor but they created a good life for my mother and aunts and uncles with high values. They contributed by paying taxes.   My grandfather was very active in his faith for which he had the freedom to do so.  If it wasn’t for my very brave grandparents, I probably wouldn’t be who I am today, living in freedom.  The emphasis is living, because they left before Hitler’s Holocaust.

What is happening at our borders in Texas and California separating children from their parents is deplorable.  People are fleeing for their lives seeking help from persecution, not different from my grandparents did many years ago.  Our system needs to be changed.  There has to be a better way to properly help these people without breaking up the family.  The children will be effected emotionally for the rest of their lives.  Hearing the cries from young children calling for their MaMa and PaPa, the age of my granddaughter, is devastating to hear.  #Congresshelptheimmigrants  

We need to call our congressman and demand to speak out against #Trump.  Watch the video ….. This is the real America made up of immigrants.







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