The Origin of a Smile

Did you ever hear the expression, “your smile lights up a room?”  It is true.  There are some people who have that special smile.

People tend to smile for many reasons such as to mask a deep wounded soul only a smile could hide.  Robin Williams appeared to hide deep depression with his smile along with a great talent to make us laugh and express a smile.  He was extraordinary in his wit and charm to fool the world for so many years.  I will miss him and his ability to make his fans laugh in joy, if we only knew the real pain he was hiding behind his smile.

This makes me wonder what is hidden behind the masks of clowns.  They bring smiles to young children’s faces with their crazy antics in circuses and private parties blowing up balloons and making them into different shapes placing delightful smiles on children’s faces.  What is hiding behind their masks with painted on smiles?  Are they really happy people or do they hide deep, dark secrets within their souls?  

I have to believe not everyone who smiles genuinely is hiding anything behind their smile.  There really are people who want to smile with no preconceived purpose other than wanting to spread happiness for their own delight. There really are truly happy people around us every day; you only have to look into their eyes because they smile with their eyes as well.

The premise for this post is to tell you, my friends, my son learned to smile at an early age.  He developed his first cognitive skill, if he smiled at someone, he would get a smile in return.  Therefore, he smiled all the time because he loved the attention he would get.  He smiled with his eyes as well.  Some would say his smile did light up a room. He could have received a gold metal with his smile.

Later on in his life I realized it was getting harder for him to smile.  You see, he smiled through a lot of pain.  It was getting harder to hide his pain through his smile.  When he no longer had the strength to smile, I truly believe this is when he knew it was time to leave.

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  1. A smile can go a mile. True that not all smiles are genuine. It’s easier to smile away than to open up to others when we are hurting.
    I watch Hannah’s big smile and when she isn’t smiling, something is seriously wrong. I hope I never have to see her beautiful smile disappear.

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